The smart Trick of 家庭??That Nobody is Discussing

* listen to basic safety & hygiene when packing the Bento, take a notes at The underside?�Foodstuff Security Tricks for Bento??eight. Chicken cut into Chunk-sized, location on top of fried eggs & snow peas within the facet, drizzle the remaining Teriyaki sauce on major & is finished ~ !

She gives her youngsters prospects to take a look at and realize the whole world by means of their own individual activities. Mama is additionally the massive chef while in the family members, baking cookies and cakes are her forte.


如�??�述�?^^^f行�?^file??^?��??��?仅Jim弱�??�德?��??�可�?^bS天然?�墨,使得�??��?鹏^g之间?�空?�可以B^M?f"些�?以�?�??�直于�??�方?�即??c"?��??�显?�膨?�,�?此形鹏�??�^i?�?�石墨�?, ?�中?�本file;^M?�^?�性。

G�?s�?p�?-  ( =�?)  I�??�w�?t�?r�?�??7�?.�?)  G岫-�?i�?�??(�?,�?1�??� h w�?t�?r�?* ̄=�?8�?4�?

h�?v�??�b�?e�??�o�?t�?m�?z�?d b�??�u�?i】�???AM 1 m�?t�?o�?�?I�??�t�?e d�?u�?l�?-�?e�?l p�?t�?n�?i�?l c�?n�?t�?u�?t�?o�?s o�??�t�?e e‘�??��?o�?

Although you can use the red buttons to incorporate tone marks, we hugely advise you employ the range technique (e.g. hao3) for speed and placement of your accent earlier mentioned the proper vowel. [Trace: Form "v" for "ü"] Observe: You don't really need to use this tool to enter pinyin Within this dictionary.

得两个共轭基?��??��?轨�??��??�更大�???,�?起  ?��??��??� =�???n�?l时,�??�相近�??� ?�却

mù zh?nɡ wú rén �?yì si shì y?n jinɡ l? méi y?u bié rén �???中  �???人�?�??????��??��??� �???没�??��??��?人�?�?It means there isn't a other in one's eyes;


过�?�?一 段 �??��??� �?�??�  �???�?织�?书�?�?�??表 �??� �?访 �??��????��?,

t? shì ɡè wén mánɡ �?t? zh? huì xi? ??tónɡ yì ??li?nɡ ɡè zì hé t? zì j? website de mínɡ zi ??hú bú zì ?�

L【�?.Y.�?H�? �??.J.Cm�?p�?t�?�??e�?.口]�?1�?9�?,�?0‘�?9�?-�?6�?3

rén ji? b? b? d?u s?i d?o t? sh?u l? le �?jí dé t? dènɡ zhuó y?n jinɡ zh? chū xū h?n ,

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